• Recipient 1: Jennifer Jackson
    Grant Title: The World Through My Eyes
    Location: Stone Creek Elementary
    1600 Happy Valley Road
    Rossville, GA 30741

    Students will use digital cameras & computer applications to build technology and literacy, (communication), skills. Students will learn the power of visual communication by studying photographers such as Lewis Hine and Dorothea Lange as they strengthen their ELA skills via a "Flipped" classroom.

    Recipients 2: Dr. Valerie Bennett/Ms. Jesse Downs
    Grant Title: Invasion of the Drones

    Location: Westlake High School
    2400 Union Road SW,
    Atlanta, GA 30331

    The purpose of this project is to provide students in Spanish class with an exciting hands-on STEM experience that will improve their performance on one of the most challenging aspects of their curriculum – prepositions and the present progressive. Students will use language (vocabulary and verb conjugation) to describe how to operate and move the drone from one location to the next in conjunction with students actually driving the drone.

    Recipient 3: Traci Costilow
    Grant Title: Computer Science -From Start to Finish!

    Location: Burnette Elementary
    3221 McGinnis Ferry Road
    Suwanee, GA 30024

    Students in grades K through 5 will work on coding in Python using the Kano kits. Students with more coding experience will choose a language (JavaScript, Ruby, or Python) and work through completing the puzzles in the books JavaScript for Kids, Ruby for Kids, or Python for Kids using the Raspberry Pi.

    Recipient 4: MarLynn Bailey
    Grant Title: Boogie for a More Interactive Math Classroom

    Location: Sandy Creek High School
    360 Jenkins Road
    Tyrone, GA 30290

    Using Boogie Board writing tablets, students would be able to work math problems on a 10.5 LCD screen. Boogie Boards tablets can replace the traditional personal student whiteboards that we often cannot use because expo markers get used up so quickly. Teachers can use Boogie Boards tablets to gather quick data by having students hold their boards up towards the front of the room, can use them to assist group math games, or have students pair and share solutions in the classroom.