• Innovation Grants Winners 2015

    Recipients: Regina Nance and Patti Hobby
    Grant Title: “Code Breakers Who Are Big Thinkers”
    Location:  Jasper County Primary School
    This project will provide hands-on learning integrated with technology in a way that is not only new and innovative in the early childhood classroom, but also engaging and exciting to students.  We will incorporate the use of small robots, tablets, and apps to teach math concepts.  Students will learn to code in a developmentally appropriate manner through games and activities.  For example, once able to code with a visual programming tool developed by Google to help students, the robots will be used to practice math concepts such as addition and subtraction. Each month we will use robots (Dot and Dash) along with iPad to teach the second grade classes a lesson specifically targeting a math concept has been identified as essential to mastery of second grade math skills.  Addition, subtraction, time, and shape attributes will be the focus of instruction. 

    Recipient: Martha Bongiorno
    Grant Title: “The Rise of Frankenstuffers”
    Location:  Arthur Williams Middle School
    Frankenstuffers are rising at Arthur Williams Middle School!  Our seventh grade life science classrooms plan on utilizing stuffed animals donated by the community in conjunction with Google Slides on Acer Chromebooks in order to teach the domain of interdependence of life in seventh grade science.  Students will take ownership in their own learning as they inquire about the interdependence of the world around them and create a unique approach to teaching others what they learned through the process.  Using parts of stuffed animals, students will construct a new species, the Frankenstuffer (scientific names to be determined by the student groups).  Through the reconstruction of a new species and writing e-books about their new species, students will learn about adaptations, biomes, and other areas of the domain interdependence of life.  Using the Frankenstuffer as the main character, students will then write interactive, multimedia e-books using Google Slides in order to teach their findings about life to third and fourth grade students at the neighboring elementary school.

    Recipient: Jan Mullis
    Grant Title: “Research Revelations”
    Location:  Putnam County Middle School
    Putnam County Middle School 7th grade ELA class plan on using laptops to facilitate a blended model of instruction and increase engagement and motivation on assigned tasks and projects such as daily centers, remediation, National History Day, science fair, and social studies fair.

    Recipient: Jacob Elliott
    Grant Title: “Robotics With Lego WeDo”
    Location:  Dimon Elementary
    Dimon is working to become a STEM-certified. Part of this process involves engaging students through robotics. In grades 2-3, students would become familiar with the process of building robots through Lego WeDo construction sets. Students would learn that robots affect them in ways they may not have known such as assisting a doctor with surgeries.