• Innovation Grants Winners 2013

    The Board of Directors of the Georgia Educational Technology Consortium is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2013 Georgia Educational Technology Consortium Innovation Grants. Each grant recipient received $2,500 to implement a program designed to improve student achievement through technology.  

    The Innovation Grants program is an annual event; check back AFTER GaETC 2013 for information about the 2014 grants! 


    2013 Innovation Grants Recipients

    Recipient: Susan Topham

    Grant Title: “iDetectives: Using iPads to Build Research Skills & Digital Literacy”

    Location:  Cartersville Elementary School

    This objective of this grant is to increase access to technology for 356 4th grade students at Cartersville Elementary School during the 2013-14 school year so that students can: (1) conduct internet-based research, (2) build digital literacy skills and (3) improve ELA and Social Studies-related knowledge and skills. Funds from the grant will be used to purchase five iPads to deliver a WebQuest.org-based lesson titled “King Tutankhamen: Was it Murder?” The lesson will enable students to be detectives and play different roles in investigating the Boy King’s death. Through these efforts, the project will also help address a gap in ELA and Social Studies performance between white and black students.

    Recipient:  Michele McKie

    Grant Title: “Increasing Math Achievement for Students in Co-Taught Math Classrooms”

    Location:  Sumter County Elementary School

    This project will use ten Apple iPod Touches to increase math computation skills of students with disabilities and low performing general education students. These devices will enable students to enhance their mathematics learning through the use of instructional apps and thereby improving their math scores in the Criterion Referenced Competency Test (CRCT).

    Recipient:  Rodney Finkley

    Grant Title:  A Global Perspective of the Water We Drink!

    Location:  Alonzo A. Crim Open Campus High School

    This project will use five Nexus 7” Tablet and water sensors to run multiple tests on water. Students will collaborate with other students (and teachers) locally and abroad using video conferencing technology to analyze data, create photo and video journaling about the processes they have learned. These devices will provide students an opportunity to explore statistical inference, collection of data, standard deviation and means and analysis of variances from a Global perspective. 

    Recipients:  Becky Nipper and Ashley Holland

    Grant Title:  “iPad Investigations: Project-Based Learning Centers”

    Location:  Putnam County High School

    This project will use iPads to create project-based learning centers for students to immerse themselves in technology while learning content. Funds will be used to facilitate the learning centers and provide a place for students to conduct their investigations while developing 21st century skills in collaboration, creativity, and technology integration. Furthermore, these iPads will assist students in improving their academic achievement in EOCT Literature and Composition.