• 2017 General Information for Presenters

    PLEASE NOTE: By filling out the submission form, you are applying to present a concurrent session. Sessions featuring presenters with in-the-trenches experience are preferred by participants. 

    If you are a vendor, or would like to present a Pre-Conference Workshop, THIS IS NOT THE CORRECT APPLICATION.
    Please find the appropriate application via www.gaetc.org.

    GaETC 2017 features sessions in several different formats to accommodate a variety of learning styles. Please read carefully before starting your application and decide which format will best fit for your presentation.

    Concurrent Session Formats:

    Listen and Learn - 55 minute sessions in which presenters deliver a traditional presentation.
    Participate and Share - 55 minute session in which the presenter will engage the audience in discussion and informal sharing time between participants of a specific interest group.
    Explore and Create - 55 minute session where participants are encouraged to follow along in learning a technology.
    Poster Session - Two-hour block in which presenters share their innovative ideas, current research, and effective digital learning projects with participants. Poster presentations are simultaneously delivered in an intimate environment where participants gather in small groups. The presenter will use the bulletin board backdrop to feature their graphic display and may also bring a mobile device to share other visuals.

    This application process will only collect the Main Presenter information. After acceptance, there will be an opportunity for a presenter to add information about Co-Presenters.


    Proposal submission deadline for Pre-conference Workshops - April 1, 2017
    Proposal submission deadline for Concurrent Sessions - April 1, 2017
    Presenters notified of acceptance for Pre-conference Workshops - May 2017
    Presenters notified of acceptance for Concurrent Sessions - August 2017
    Presenters notified of date/time/location for Pre-conference Workshops session - August 2017
    Presenters notified of date/time/location for Concurrent Sessions - September 2017

    We encourage you to join many presenters at this state-of-the-art conference by completing a proposal to present!
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