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Concurrent Sessions

GaETC 2016 will offer over 390 sessions, nationally known speakers and presenters, workshops focusing on the latest in technological innovations and software, and over 200 commercial exhibits featuring state-of-the-art technology.

2016 Format for Sessions

  • Pre-Conference Workshops: (Scheduled only on Tuesday, November 1.) Conference workshops offer a variety of opportunities for extended, hands-on-learning experiences in three-hour sessions. Participants pay an additional fee to attend Pre-Conference Workshops. Advanced registration is required and enrollment is extremely limited.
  • Listen and Learn: 50-minute sessions featuring one or more presenters delivering a traditional multimedia style presentation. Theater seating will accommodate approximately 100 participants.

  • Participate and Share: 50-minute smaller group setting to offer the presenter a chance to facilitate a discussion and informal sharing time between participants of a specific interest group. Roundtable seating will facilitate open discussion in these sessions.

  • Explore and Create: 50 minutes of interactive, in-depth, hands-on training in a smaller classroom setting. BYOD will be advertised. Classroom seating will accommodate 40 participants.