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Session Formats 

GaETC 2016 feature sessions in several different formats to accommodate a variety of learning styles.
Pre-Conference Workshops:  These offer a variety of opportunities for extended, hands-on learning experiences in three-hour sessions.  Participants pay and additional fee to attend.  Advanced registration is required and enrollment is extremely limited.  
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Explore and Create:  A 55 minute session where participants are encouraged to follow along in learning a technology.  
Participate and Share:  A 55 minute session in which the presenter will engage the audience in discussion and informal sharing time between participants of a specific interest group.  
Listen and Learn:  A 55 minute session which presenters deliver a traditional multi-media style presentation.  
Poster Session:  A 2 hour block in which presenters share their innovative ideas, current research, and effective digital learning projects with participants.  Poster presentations are simultaneously delivered in an intimate environment where participants gather in small groups.  The presenter will use the bulletin board backdrop to feature their graphic display and may also bring a mobile device to share other visuals.